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C Interview Questions
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write a c program to accept a given integer value and print its value in words

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what is the benefit of c30

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what is the difference between declaration ,defenetion and initialization of a variable?

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what do u mean by Direct access files? then can u explain about Direct Access Files?

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why we shiuld use main keyword in C

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What is #pragma directive?how it is used in the program? what is its advantages and disadvantages?

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what is c?

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what is object oriental programing?

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Give me basis knowledge of c , c++...

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Give basis knowledge of web designing ...



without a terminator how can we print a message in a printf () function.


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Is the C language is the portable language...If yes...Then Why...and if not then what is problem so it is not a Portable language..???


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what is the output of below pgm? void main() { int i=0; if(i) printf("pass"); else printf("fail"); }

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You are given a string which contains some special characters. You also have set of special characters. You are given other string (call it as pattern string). Your job is to write a program to replace each special characters in given string by pattern string. You are not allowed to create new resulting string. You need to allocate some new memory to given existing string but constraint is you can only allocate memory one time. Allocate memory exactly what you need not more not less.


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what is the code for getting the output as * ** ***


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What is queue in c?


How many levels of pointers can you have?


What are the key features in c programming language?


Explain what are header files and explain what are its uses in c programming?


What is the size of a union variable?


Linked list is a Linear or non linear explain if linear how it working as a non linear data structures


Why structure is used in c?


What is .obj file in c?


Which is more efficient, a switch statement or an if else chain?


What is wild pointer in c with example?


What does != Mean in c?


Write a C/C++ program to add a user to MySQL. The user should be permitted to only "INSERT" into the given database.


Explain the array representation of a binary tree in C.


write a c program for swapping two strings using pointer


What is the use of a static variable in c?