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Software Interview Questions
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Can anyone walk me through the process of what happened when you do the post good issue in delivery? Moment type 601, let’s take that as an example, what happened in SAP? Suppose 601-moment type is posted in SAP, what happened when you do PGI (Post Goods Issue) as any account happens and if yes then what kind of account posting happens. please tell me, after PGI is completed what happens?


Could anyone explain to me how you were processing the 812 in SAP meaning how would you post your 812 credits? So, 850 creates orders in SAP, what about credit/debit - how do they post in the SAP?


Can anyone have any experience with the fashion version of it?


Is anyone familiar with allocation run – Tcode is Arun_ITA?


Can anyone please tell me what's above the pricing procedure, what are the field that determined specific pricing procure so pricing determination?


How does SD and MM integration…. Let’s say when I post a good issue when you do delivery confirmation but it’s nothing, what happened during PGI in the system?


PRICING…… I have a requirement where I have a fright condition which is a header condition for the whole document, I will be maintaining the fright condition recorder (header level) because it’s header condition, now the requirement is if I want to have 5 conditions to be calculated for each item because let’s say I have 5 line items, I want to see how the side calculated first of each item so what’s the best way to take out that out of the system in standard configuration, how can we achieve this?..... REPEATING question (I have a fright condition, now fright condition is a header condition, now my requirement is I wanted to applied that fright condition each line item level so fright condition applies a header level but my requirement is I want to see each and every line item should also get this fright condition on the value of the item, let’s say my fright is $100 so I have 5 line item, each item has the 10 10 10… so build on that value I want to purpurnate the fright condition, how can we achieve this from the standard system configuration stand point?


Do you know what is made to order scenario or make-to-stock scenario? SO, in the make-to-order scenario, what’s the integration touchpoint that you figure MRP? My question is when you have a make-to-order scenario, how does MRP will be figured? How system know that when you create a sale order whether the sale order is calling for make to order or make to the stock type of order, which data determined this is made to order make to stock…. The system should understand when I create an order, whether it’s made to order or make to stock, so which parameter which value that system will be determined based on that system will say okay this make to order so I need to I mean the system has to go to the next level then it’s going to the MRP all the subsequent planning will be taken taking place, what’s the parameter that we have to check?


What’s forward scheduling and backward scheduling activator? There’s a concept called forward scheduling and backward scheduling logic when you do an availability check whenever your order is created system will check whether it’s forward scheduling or backward scheduling, if it’s fatal we have a concept of how is it working, how is that you created as part of your available promise concept? Whatever that date is being considered as part of the logic, whatever the date that is configured or we maintain the data to say know that system tell to create this output back scheduling


Can anyone tell me please how is the availability check carried out, how is availability working out in your job business, how is the ATP (availability to promise) is configured?


Can anyone tell me please how can I go and introduce the discount condition type in the pricing procedure and how it’s going to impact with tax all the pricing getting to calculate in the order? For example, how specially I have a customer who I set out as an international customer and as a domestic customer what are the differences between that… is there tax is different, is there any fright different, is there any pricing different????


what is the output when -1 is put in select_expr of FBE?


How to replace last 4 digits of an input column with XXXX given input column has 12 digits?


Code check-in and check-out commands in AbInitio


Given input file with single column having 1 2 2 4 3 .. Required output 1 2 2 4 4 4 4 3 3 3.. How?


Un-Answered Questions { Software }

Explain features?


Write a one-liner that will count the number of capital letters in a file. Your code should work even if the file is too big to fit in memory.


Do you need classes in python?


What are the main features of korn shell?


How can I display all the inventory vars defined for my host?


The Project Integration Management knowledge area is made up of which of the following processes? A. Initiation, Project Plan Development, and Integrated Change Control B. Project Plan Development, Project Plan Execution, and Integrated. C. Project Plan Development, Initiation, and Scope Planning D. Initiation, Scope Planning, and Integrated Change Control


What is the purpose of using bufferedinputstream and bufferedoutputstream classes?


How do you repair windows 10?


How do you make a field to be required to be filled?


What do you understand by Transformations in Spark?


How do I reset windows defender?


What are the uses of commit and finish?


What is meant by mysqli?


In order to improve your system’s security you decide to implement shadow passwords. What command should you use?


How many inner classes can a class have?