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Software Interview Questions
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What is the purpose of Transitions property in CSS3?

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How to you override the underlining of hyperlinks?

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Explain CSS grid layout with example?


Have you played around with the new CSS Flexbox or Grid specs?

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How is responsive design different from adaptive design?

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Explain the difference between responsive website coding and mobile-first strategy coding.

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Explain the use of CSS transitions.

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How could you use CSS to achieve the following automatic numbering?

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Imagine you are in an empty room with a fan, a bulb and an air conditioning system. There is a switch board on the wall with 32 switches and 2 plug points. You are tasked with testing this setup. Assume you are not given any requirements whatsoever. How would you approach it? What would be your priorities? If you make any assumptions, do state them.


Do you know what’s availability check is?


Once you create a sales order, how do you confirm to the customer like I have the stock for ATP to check for the customer?


What about your experience with EDI idoc, can you elaborate a bit of what’s your experience working with EDI and IDoc?


In Order - what have you done exactly, did you do the entire setup in SAP, and if yes, can you walk me through it?


Are you familiar with the partner profile setup? I am sure when these EDI transactions must have been posted through SAP as idoc?


131. Are you familiar with billing output determination? Suppose if I’m creating an invoice, and I want to print out the output of the invoice, how would I do that? Are you familiar with any output that prints out SAP for that invoice so further delivery for example, in delivery you have backing slips delivery....


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How do I run an rpm in linux?


IF i have two columns in Database , While using Database output value ,allthe values in the two column are set as a single row in the QTP datatable, can u suggest me a idea so that QTP Runtime datatable displays the values as it is in the database


What is activatedroutesnapshot in angular 2?


What is the significance of delivery class ? : sap abap data dictionary


What is difference between http and httpclient in angular?


What is mysql used for?


if you could be any animal, what would it be?


Given time, cost, client satisfaction and best practices, how will you prioritize them for a project you are working on? Explain why.


How is true positive rate and recall related?


what is eai? What are those tools?


How to select combobox select value and text using jquery?


how you can configure Magento to work with another domain?


When I have only a single record, why does not it appear in my datagrid? : adobe flex action script


Does typescript supports function overloading as javascript doesn't support function overloading?


What are the basic requirements to join two sources in a source qualifier transformation using default join?