Software Interview Questions
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what is an user exit?


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What is table maintenance generator?

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How can you call a subroutine which is located in program A from program B?


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What is RFC function module?


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How many types of RFCs are there?

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post me some questions from pythom script


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what is BRD and FRD Can any one tell the expansion?


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Is it possible to have a defect with high severity and low priority and vice-versa i.e high priority and low severity? Justify,if possible? give a example?

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what is the priority for fixing bug?

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what is volume,stress,load testing ?

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what is meant by package testing?

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what is defect leakage?

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How shared memory are accessed if we have two processors trying to acquire the same region.


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Why do we have serial and parallel interface, which one was faster and why and when we should go for this interface.


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Say we have three threads T1, T2 and T3 which perform sequentially one after another is their any benefit of using thread over here rather than having a single process.


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why should i declare foreign key constraint as self relation instead of binary relation in tables ?


Difference between flat files and relational sources?


Is it necessary to have SQL server installed in your computer in order to create a service based database in


how to change the application name?


In Quality Center, If we can reuse a non reusable test script as template test, then what is the need of defining reusable test scripts? What additional functionality does Reusable test scripts add when compared to non reusable test scripts?


How to get the MVFs in workflow


In QA Testing when do you use Loadrunner vs QTP? What are the main differences between those two tools? Explain the purpose with real world scenario examples...In advance thank you!!!


how to create instance?


Optimization technique description ?


What is security Hole ? Is this possible Some one can acess any of restricted page (like admin side)? How you test this previllaze?


Can we use transfer dataset to transfer data in internal table ?


What is planning? How is it used, and what are its advantages? Is it feasible to use planning in real-time games? If so, name any titles where planning has been used for any part of the AI. Describe the architecture of a planning-based AI system for any genre of game.


How can set the multipal database ?


Imagine you have to write a Tic-Tac-Toe game in which a human player plays against the computer. Discuss the different ways in which you could implement the computer’s artificial intelligence for the game. Which method would you ultimately choose? And why?


How to use the Lookup method to return values from multiple columns ?