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HAL Interview Questions
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The amount of carbon present in Cast Iron

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The amount of thickness of the metal sheet that can be welded by ultrasonic welding is

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The property of a metal that is determined by the indentation on a metal surface

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The effect of reheating is

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What is colour of flame if the of Halide Torch detects a refrigerant leakage?

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The ratio of Emissive to absorption power of heat by a body is equal to heat emitted by a perfect black body. Who said the statement

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Kinetic friction when compared to Static friction is?

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Where is the maximum temperature in refrigeration cycle? a.Between evaporator & compressor. b.At Compressor c.Between compressor and condensor. d.At condensor

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why the backwheel of tractor is bigger than frontwheel?

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What happens if fuse is connected to neutral wire

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How to know the back up time for a 5KVA UPS which is connected to 15 nos. of computers? Is there any formula for this? pls. tell me.

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what is the power rating of CPU, CRT type moniter, LCD type moniter,scanner Approx.


Generally at what power factor the electronic equipments like computer, TV, EPABX etc.,operates. Please tell me.

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