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HAL Engineering AllOther Interview Questions
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I am going to HAL Online test for Computer Science. Can you please mail me the model question papers ?


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what will you do if a disk gets failed?


Explain encoder definition?


How would you create deadlock on your servlet?


in mba personal interview, if someone ask me that you choose hr as your career why not marketing or finance?


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If i wont like to change the standard print program where i copied standard script to customer namespace,in this case is it possible to retreive the data if u connect the script with standard program.if yes how?if no why? Is it possible to print the logo in first page only,where the form consists of 10 pages.How can u do this? How can u set a table format where it cosists of fields like cust no, custname, amount a script? How do u know that the particular BADI is suitable for the existed report.How do u findout this?When do u opt for BADI OR USEREXIT?did functional people tell u to adopt BADI or USEREXIT? What is the difference between SY-INDEX & SY-TABIX ? I have a report with fields Status,time & date. the contents it consists are Status Time Date AAA 01:20:15 05-06-10 AAA 11:02:32 O3-06-10 AAA 23:11:00 05-06-10 AAA 09:14:46 05-06-10 HOW DO U WRITE A CODE TO DISLAY A ROW WHICH WAS RECENTLY EXECUTED?( for this question it should display AAA 23:11:00 05-06-10 AS Output)


What is xml xsl?