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HAL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What does VVVF stands for in VVVF drive ? How does it differ from VVF drive?

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To avoid arcing what we connect in earthing.

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At present how many HVDC lines are there in india

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How many no of flip-flops are required to get 16 bit counter

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what is the distance b/w EHV lines? 1.8m 2.11m 3.4m 4.14m

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for distribution line ratio of x/r 1.<0.1 2.>10 3.>1 4.<0.01

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What is the requirement of grounding the neutral of single phase generators on load? If the neutral is not grounded, what will be the effect?


What is the difference btwn grounding and earthing?

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Whats the principle of lightning? How protection against lightning is achieved? Types of protection? How to select the height of lightning spike? as per the area.

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what is automatic voltage regulator and it is used?

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what is the total power generation in india?


which connection is there in a rotor of the motor

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what is we make it,describe briefly.


What happens if fuse is connected to neutral wire

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why field winding is placed on rotor winding not on stator winding in case of synchronous machine?

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