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HAL Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions
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Whats the principle of Aircraft's working in every GAG cycle (GROUND-AIR-GROUND)..

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how many seats r there in chemical eng. in iit through gate


now i am studing 3rd year diploma in iete in delhi. next i want to study aeronautical engg, can u pls tell is there is any entrance exams into collages

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what is the differnce b/w aerodynamic balancing & mass balancing

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How many no of poles located in the right half of s-plane for the characteristic equation...


Q.Large no of thyristors are used in HVDC transmission to improve______ a) current rating b) voltage rating c) Thyristers are available at high ratings d)

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If the time delay of relay with TMS setting 0.1 is 10 sec, then what is the time delaty when the TMS setting is changed to 0.5

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how to electric power generate in Aeroplane! pls send more information and that animation video's link address. send my mail id ( i waiting for u r rly's...

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What is the range of value of Mach number for Subsonic, Transonic and Hypersonic flow?


What is Isolation Efficiency?


What do you mean by Aerodynamic Analysis?


State at least three objectives of Aerodynamics?


What is Round-Robin scheduling?


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