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Genpact Accounting General Interview Questions
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sold private car for rs 4,000 and bought a new one with proceeds for bussiess plus rs 5.000 from office cash what will be the journal entry

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paid rs 60.000 cash on the purchase of equipment costing 80.000 the remaining amount payable with interest rate of 9%. what is the journal enry

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sold some office equipment of rs 1,300 (proceeds beingreceived as rs 700 by cheque and balance in cash) and paid the cheque into his private bank . what will be the journal entry please give answer when you sure about it thanks

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when we have to use form 12ba in income tax with example

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What is accounting

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I want to know the Payroll Accounting Questions


Difference between Accounting Concepts and Conventions

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what is equity shares?

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what is mutual funds best way to answer?

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what is accounting rules

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jv vouchers for salaries entries which reflect j.v's

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Tell one entry that should be personal account,real account,nominal account..

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What did you meant by Debit and Credit?

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In which book of prime entry would the vat output Vat on credit sale be recorded?

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Definition of accounts payable

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Genpact Accounting General Interview Questions

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