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Genpact Accounting General Interview Questions
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how to account branches in tally


What is the entry for Accumulated Depreciation??

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What the entry for Accumulated Deprecition??

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What is bank reconcilation a/c

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what is the format of salary slip when basic , D.A.H.R.A. ,conveyance allowence , concluded and in deduction part P.F. E.S.I. & P.Tax.


Please tell me under which heads following ledgers should open or create. 1. Vat on Sales 2. Vat on Purchases 3. Excise on Sales 4. Excise on Purchases 5. Service Tax Input 6. Service Tax Output It’s urgent for me.

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Distinguish between Profit and Loss Account and Profit and Loss Appropriation Account.

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What is the three golden rules in Accounts ?

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How do caculate goodwill of a company?

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what is accural

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what will be the entry for credit purchases with discount

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On goods purchases of Rs.2,00,000 got trade discount of 20,000 from supplier, and the amounts paid to supplier is 1,00,000 in cash and RS.1,00,000 in check on the same day, what would be the general ledger entry ?

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hi to all this is sai i attend interview for genpact last week he asked me about BRS :if ur MD issued a cheque for his own insurance premium what u will do? this is the question plz give answer for this

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What are direct and indirect taxes?

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If closing stock is given in adjustments, how we show in tally 9.0 ?


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Genpact Accounting General Interview Questions

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