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Genpact Accounting General Interview Questions
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contingent goods?

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What is asset revaluation reserve and how is it treated in the books of accounts

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what is meant by deferred revenue expenditure?

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1.what is loan and what is lease? 2.what is defered revenue? and expenditure?

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when an amountis declared as NPA by a bank whether any interest can be debited to that account after the date it is declared as NPA ? What are the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India in this respect ?


What is a Payment Format


Which is the adjustment which is not a part of Trial balance but a part of Balance sheet ?

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what is an accured account ?

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what will come under debit and credit side in trial balance please give me answer

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Pls tell me the basic rules of accounts for interview in finanace or accounts section



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what is concept of accounting

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Give Journal Entry for "Interest Received from Bank" and give description with Accounting rules

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what do you mean by accrual & due ? What is the difference between Accrual & due?

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What is the closing entry?

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Genpact Accounting General Interview Questions

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