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Genpact Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is GA (general accounting).

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. Expenses a/c. Dr. To vendor a/c. Cr. What is an impact of this transaction on business

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what is a journal entery of goodwill?

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what is consignment entry?

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how to show provident fun in balance sheet

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If a paid to b rs.1000 on behalf of c what is the entries in The books of a,b,c pls pass the entries

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what is contigent liability

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i have 1 year gap after completing my graduation what should i say in interview?

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When does the Invoice price variance arise? What is the accounting entry?

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what is consignment entry?


hi ,i need some suggestion,comptd my graduation in 2012,but i wasted my time for 6 month,just i want 2 escape from this question,what u did for 6 months,how can i give proper anser to them?pls suggest me


what are the errors in brs?& what is useful of them?

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In 3 way match.....Order qty is 100 and received 90 and 10 got rejected. But the supplier sent an invoice for 100 qty. what are the steps we need to take in SAP. Whether we need to reject the invoice or process with the 90 qty .please explain with real time.


what is the journal entry for cheque received from our clients?

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Genpact Accounting General Interview Questions

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