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what is your favourite colour

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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / deepasri

i love the colour black... because (as they say),i believe
that black is beautiful. Black is one of the most versatile
and indispensible colours present.
It adds depth, shadow and beauty in case of art and paintings.
It looks great and suits almost all when used in clothing.
I also like black because, it symbolizes formality, elegance
and sophistication.

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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / kittu

my favourite colour is white why bcoz it is the symbol for
peace,where there is a peace anything will be
verywell.That's why it is added as a one of the colour in
our nationalflag.
and one more reason is it is the symbol of dignity,that's
why most of the leaders who was elected by the people wear

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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / krishna chaitanya s (avniet)

Hello guys,
My favourite color is white.
white indicates Innocence and sacrifice.
It is a color for beginning and the new.
it indicates piece and passive resistance.
it is a traditional color of doctor and nurse coats and aprons of waiters in restaurants.
temples, churches and many government buildings have been traditionally white in color.
at last white is a color of brightness,purity,virtue,light which is the path of truth.

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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / xtreme

Since i am a peace loving person, i like the colourwhite. I
like white is because it suits me well. It also gells well
with almost all the other colours,like i also gell with all
kinds of people.It also symbolises unity .

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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / guest

my favourate color is green because it is good for eyes

also normally it gives more relax to my eyes

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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / malika


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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / krishna

hii all
my favourie colour is white because it shows the simplicity and dignity
it gives peace
it is a traditional colour of doctors and nurse coats and aprons of waiters in restaurants
many politicians will prefer this colour in order to get the peace this colour is mainly used in churches,masid,and somehow people prefer this colour because of its brightness and its the purity of good heart,decent and formal colour

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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / sravan kumar goud

my favorite colour is white it gives peacefulness and white stand for the deginty and even our politicians also were white colour to show there deginty. and white attract others. and when ever i want to meet a special person on that time i will prefer white. when ever i go shopping mostly i will choose white colour tshirts r shirts. and i can proudly say that our indian flag also includes white colour thats y like white.

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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / roger lee

My favorite color is Caucasion.

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what is your favourite colour..

Answer / usha

voilet , because its one among rainbow colours . its very
beautiful looking . very rare coloured flowers are
available. i love voilet,purple,lavender.

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