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Convergys Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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Tell me something about urself ?

60 99749

sell this pen too me?

30 94115

Tell me about your most memorable moment.

43 241634

Being a MCA graduate why you are looking for a call center job?

25 72005

Why should we hire you?

38 136018

speak for 2 minutes on some topic

45 773697

tell me about yourself what content should be told

8 19738

why did you want to join the call centre?

44 65991

Tell me about yourself?


Complete the story ? "Last night i was passing through a graveyard ..... or "Last night i was passing through a street .... complete the story.......

7 13116

tell me the most memorable day of ur life and why is it so?

49 700216

Define this room?

7 48207

What is your strenght and weakness...?

31 63384

how did you spend yester day

67 253513

how many round conduct at convergys?

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