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Convergys Oracle Forms Reports Interview Questions
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what is a package n what r the packages availbla in report


What is the usage of frame ?

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What are the type of triggers available in Oracle Reports ?

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running a report from Form or other Report , The Parameter Form Page will be Display first . I don?t want to display the screen . What I have to do ?

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How can you format a character field in a report Layout editor ?

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What is the use of Data Link in Reports?

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What is the usage of the confine mode in Layout Editor ?

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What is the usage of the Flex mode in Layout Editor ?

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How to solve the error ?Frequency below its group? while running the report. Why it is happened and How to solve that?

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Have you come across the error ?Failed while printing ?. Why it is happened and How to solve that?


what is the source file of po report?

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explain tkprof?

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all steps of bitmap report?


difference between global n context sensitive segments?


in compatibility in report registration?

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