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Tell me something about urself ?

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / sri ram

Good morning sir,
Iam Sriram chenna.iam Pursuing my B.Sc in RRD Degree college
with Microbiology,Computers and Chemistry as my subjects.i
have completed my Intermediate with an aggregate of 87.3%
from Sri Chaitanya and my SSC with an aggregate of 86% from
St.Domnics high school.iam currently doing my Multimedia

iam aspiring for a bright future in a well established
company with a good brand name.i promise to strive for the
development of the company and myself too.

and Coming to my Technical Skills....iam Good at general
usage of computers.I have knowledge of C,C++ as they are my
subjects in my Graduation.I am a Graphic designer and a Web
designer.iam a 3D modeler too.

and coming to my family...myfather C.Sudhir kumar is a
Railway mother manjula is a home maker.i have a
sister and she is doing her diploma in EEE from TRR
college.Iam proud to have such a good supporting family.

and my hobbies are free form drawing and watercolor
painting.i listen to fast songs frequently to change my mood.

Thank u for giving me this opportunity sir.

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / s.k.vaitheeswaran

i dont need ur job....Good bye.......

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / anoop

actually we should never as sir in any kind of interviews
that it self gives ur hr a bad impression on us
first there is aprocederal way to present our self
first abt ur selfand ur location fr suppose
my name is ;;;;;;;;;;
i stay near;;;;;;;;;;
abt ur family members just give a rough idea
my family consists of so and so members
tnen abtur education
then abt ur computer skills then comes ur experience or if
u r a fresher then u must say that point compulsorily then
comes ur hobbies
then ur career objectuive
then atlast say only thankyou very much
thats it not any thing but remember never adress the word
sir or madam at the time of interview

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / pradeep

full name
professional quali info.(latest to oldest)
working as a..
job profile
personal info:
family bkgrnd
likes, dislikes

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / azeez_rehman

let me introduce my self...
my name is Azeez ur rehman. iam 23 years old.iam from qualification is M.B.A from father is working as a
lawyer. my mother is house wife.i have 2elder brothers.they
both r working in m.n.c's hobbies are listening
music.i want to become a good manager of company

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / priya gupta

GUD MORNING Every Body!!!
Myself Priya Gupta . i m from kanpur.i have completed my
graduation from kanpur univ. as well as i have completed my
DCA from Fotech Institute.currently i m doing ACCP (06)3
years course from aptech The Mall kanpur. i have 4 siblies
in my family.i have 6 month experience
strength is that i always ready to face any sort situation
even i am new in that field..... and my weakness is that i
always ready to help other due to this every one make me do
their work easily...... thank you any question from you.

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / riddhi ludhani

my name is Riddhi Ludhani.iam from kolkata.iam a religious
person.who is active in her community.

well about my qualification.iam a student with B average in
my course.i am recent graduate from calcutta university.And
i think that work would be a dose of the real world.

my hobbies are lstening music,making friends.
my strenth is ability to work independently
my aim is to become a succesful lady in this world.

about my work experience well sir/madam i don't have any
work experience now.because iam a fresher.
thats it.
thank u very much.

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / dhanukumar.k.a

I am dhanukumar.I had been working as a support engineeer
in Vishi BPO .I had degree in from anna university.
I am self disciplined ,enegetic ,highly motivated person.My
objective is willing to obtain a chalenging position in a
large consulting organisation.where i can expose my
experience and qualification for the busines proces
modeling.I having the strong communication skill and god
interpersonal skills and i having the ability to get along
with others I can able to achieve the companys targets and
live up mto commitments in the sense opf urgency.My
weakness is I aim at and cal for nothing short of
perfection .Then I become nervous And I cant able to do
upto my level of satisfaction .Howewer I know It will take
some delay and i Hard work for copmensate

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / haricharan

Hi,I am Haricharan. I am 23 year old and i am presently
persuing bcom final year from OU. i studied intermediate in
govt jr college and My schooling completed in Vishwa
Bharathi Adarasha vidyalaya. I am presently working in
Anovatek software and Consulting pvt Ltd. My job profile is
to make database of software companies which are located at
USA. Coming to my hobbies i like to play cricket, surfing
the internet, chating and makeing new friends and my
strengths to work at a stretch.
My aim is to become a good employer of any organisation

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Tell me something about urself ?..

Answer / shanthi

I am shanthi completed my b-tech in the stream of
computerscience with an aggregate of 63%
i have sound knowledge in c, core java,oracle
I am a self motivative person
I am intrested in collecting proverbs
coming to my family members
my father name is Sivaiah
he had his own business
my mother name is vijaya lakshmi
she is homemaker
i have 2 elder sisters
both got married

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