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Convergys Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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I have done B.Sc.(H)Zoology).I went for an interview in a call centre.Cleared seven rounds there.Only I was selected out of 50 people for HR round.In HR round the HR manager asked me "Why you want to join a call centre after doing B.Sc.?" I couldn't answer and lost the interview.

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why do you think that i have to recuit you?

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Why do you want to work for this organization?

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How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

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why bpo

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You are doing MBA then Why do you want to join call centre?

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Please answer me with an example,what to answer for who is ur role model?

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What will u do if you were not selected?

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how do you do spend on a yesterday?

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why you want to come into call centre feild?

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WHY you choose to work in a call center? why we should hire you without experience in a call center? why do you want to work in a graveyard ship? How much salary do you want to received? what is a call center for you?

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how did you celebrated ur last birthday?

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What was the outcome when you had to take a lead in an important project? please answer my question asap!!!! thank you

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Tell me about your most memorable and worst moment

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Convergys Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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