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Aegis Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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what is the role of a TL ?

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Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.

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How long should a call agent hold their customer online for.

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How would you convince your customer?

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I want recent question papers. Now am preparing for BPO interview. please send the papers..


how do you determine a solution to problem

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Plse tell me the correct Answer how i can give the Correct answer in correct grammer way for these question..? 1:- How you spent your yesterday 2:- How you spent your Birthday 3:- How you spent your last weeakend

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Why do you want this job?

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what u have done since morning

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bangalore traffic for 5 mins

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How do you tackle a customer ? Explain from your experience and what have learnt from that ?


why u wnt to join call center?

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tell me about ur self

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What is the formula for calculating talk time? Give the difference between AHT & TALK TIME?

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What is Shrinkage and its formula

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