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Aegis Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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formula of sla,aht

8 37906

what i ask about myself in interview ?

7 7366

Why did you leave your current Jobs?

39 34452

tell me something about your first college day?

8 41073

what is a bpo?

21 27423

Describe red color to a blind person

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actually what is done at call centers..

6 10046

what is SL, UL, PL??

5 11193

Why should be you hired by the company?

4 14588

What are the parameters of quality ?

3 5007

what is bpo and call centre?

3 6492

tel me someting about your past


if customer's credit has misused Rs.30000. Write a email to customer.


Tell about Indian Culture for at least 5 Min.

3 57684

Would you accept if we offer you a lower salary than of your expected salary?

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why pistons rotate in clockwise direction?what are the functions of counter weight in crank?


What do we mean by Redemption of shares and debentures?


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Electrical symbol


What are the difficulties faced in your project? And how will you overcome its?


how to avoid a class from getting inherited but respective class should be able to instantiate ?


what is the difference between elctrefining and electrolysis?


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why you are interested in F&B service


What is meant by Step generator?what is the use of this? we have 3 steps know there what r all those.? can u all pls give me clear idea of this


Which form used for registration in GST?


I have applied for the post of Section Engineer. plz anyone send me the previous question paper. i did my engineering in Information Technology.


Stimulate calculator using Switch-case-default statement for two numbers


Aegis Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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