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Aegis Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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formula of sla,aht

8 36176

what i ask about myself in interview ?

7 6774

Why did you leave your current Jobs?

39 33323

tell me something about your first college day?

8 38334

what is a bpo?

21 26645

Describe red color to a blind person

2 5004

actually what is done at call centers..

6 9685

what is SL, UL, PL??

5 9515

Why should be you hired by the company?

4 14112

What are the parameters of quality ?

3 4708

what is bpo and call centre?

3 6100

tel me someting about your past


if customer's credit has misused Rs.30000. Write a email to customer.


Tell about Indian Culture for at least 5 Min.

3 54116

Would you accept if we offer you a lower salary than of your expected salary?

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Un-Answered Questions

What is inrush current? how can calculateit? what is the affect of it?


Dear Engineers, Can you please advise me the material requirement to construct a room 4 M x 4 M 1. No. of Standard Brick 2. Requirement of Cement Bags 3. And Concrete for Steel, Cement, sand, etc Thanks


How to Administering Hadoop?


Hello sir! I hav read the above discussions about PSU.I hav 72% aggregate in Mechanical bt i do had a back in 1 subject,so m i too eligible for PSU?


what is the id1 & id2 setting in differential protection relay of CSPC?


I completed Masters in Biotechnology in 2003.I have around 5 years experience in Microbiology.But iam interesterd in doing Biotechnology work.Please help how to get job in biotech field?


what is preferences


Define control account Thanks


please send the IS strandard for electrical to


What are the types of cleaning main engine Turbo Charger blower side?


how to write test case for GUI testing and tell me in brief about GUI and all related WEB based testing..if possible then pls give example of its test case...m new in testing........thannx for help in advance




Good day Sir, Myself Anu Parakkal.I pursued my MBA in HRM,and i wish to take advance degree in Sea Port Management.Let me know the correct information about this.


How can we find out LT UG cable fault (size,from-4*25mm sqr to 4*300mm sqr)? How mani types UG cable faults?


Can anybody told me how to create a test case for voice memo and Photo tagging option


Aegis Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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