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Aegis Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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what i ask about myself in interview ?

7 6687

Why did you leave your current Jobs?

39 33135

tell me something about your first college day?

8 37768

what is a bpo?

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Describe red color to a blind person

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actually what is done at call centers..

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what is SL, UL, PL??

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Why should be you hired by the company?

4 14001

What are the parameters of quality ?

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what is bpo and call centre?

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tel me someting about your past


if customer's credit has misused Rs.30000. Write a email to customer.


Tell about Indian Culture for at least 5 Min.

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Would you accept if we offer you a lower salary than of your expected salary?

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what is the role of a TL ?

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Un-Answered Questions

Please tell me which institute is the best to study Informatica and in chennai Also please send me the latest interview questions in,c# and sql server to my id


How may I get the maximum current capacity for a particullar size Alluminum or Copper cable if there is compulsion to use?


I am 36 years old with graduation. Is it possible to get job in international bpo without any experience? Previously i was into my father business and due to some reasons business got shut down.


A 16 pile group, consisting of diameter concrete piles, were cast in situ in a clayey soil whose unconfined compressive strength is 1100 psf. Each pile is 60 ft long and the pile spacing is 2.5 times the pile diameter.The water table is at the ground surface and saturated unit weight of the clay is 118 lb/cu.ft. using a factor of safety 3 and a reduction factor =0.45, compute the allowable capacity of the piles acting as individuals


What is the architecture of your project?


Tailored Communication Style Describe an occasion when you have tailored your communication style to deal with a particular situation within your teamWhy was it necessary? What was the other persons role? What did you need to take


I want to know in brief - What is a Disiplineary Action Policy (DAP) and Carective Action Policy (CAP) the both terms used in call center ?


waht are somking types


can anyone send me a copy of a business requirement and test cases attributed to such requirent. thank u


Did you work on Transportation,what are the major settings for the transportation ?


Service Tax Rates?


public static void main(String args[]) describe it


i have 3+ exp in .net? i am going interview now but they asked me do you know any TOOL? which tool will i study please refer me?


Explain about the Standard strain with fimbriae of Klebsiella pneumoniae ?


What qualification require for become a tax consultant ? what the future in this..???


Aegis Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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