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Aegis Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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formula of sla,aht

8 37408

what i ask about myself in interview ?

7 7141

Why did you leave your current Jobs?

39 34050

tell me something about your first college day?

8 40233

what is a bpo?

21 27091

Describe red color to a blind person

2 5199

actually what is done at call centers..

6 9909

what is SL, UL, PL??

5 10591

Why should be you hired by the company?

4 14440

What are the parameters of quality ?

3 4886

what is bpo and call centre?

3 6320

tel me someting about your past


if customer's credit has misused Rs.30000. Write a email to customer.


Tell about Indian Culture for at least 5 Min.

3 56916

Would you accept if we offer you a lower salary than of your expected salary?

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What are the Uses of mmap?


Q1.How depreciation deffer from depletion? the main benefit from calculating and recording depreciation.


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how to display the negative numbers?


hat is the meaning of the capital ique,and hat is capital,and ahat is ique


authorization issue. We had asssigned company codes 'BUKRS' in range for example 4000-4220 some come company code is working some are not working means in between ranges . could you please post the answer as early as possible.


Where do you specify the Mapper Implementation?


How will polarity test of Dy5 Transformer ?


How to calculate the approximate size of the SGA based on the size of the block,shared_pool,redo_buffer_cache and db_buffer_cache?


please tel me the calibration of pneumatic controler.


Hi friends. I am srinivas. I want to know the text determinatin. What is the text determination. What is that use. Where can we use text determination in real time. Pls explain me in detial with example.


shall we execute our java programmes in jre


How are reaction rates dependent upon free energy changes?


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