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Aegis Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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How will you convince me to buy this pen? or sell this pen to me.

15 69624

How can u handle an irated customer?

13 24513

Tell me the story of the last movie u saw?

23 219363

Describe red color to a blind person

42 67862

Why do you want to leave your current job?

6 18828

What is your daily routine?

80 523847

Why you are having a gap in during your job ?

3 13498

Why you want to join us????

4 9059

why u want to join BPO

12 47197

how do you spend your weekend? or how did u send your weekend?

6 19010

How did you spent your last day,sunday,?

66 413858

If You join the company then what is the first thing you want to do , which you were not able to do in ur previous company ? why did you want to join the call center? why do you left your previous job? What is your greatest strength? where do you see yourself from (Ten or fifteen)years from now? If u will be the principal of a school what will u can do best for school? Take Over Means? What are your biggest weaknesses?

6 14247

How was your yestarday?


What are the basic questions for freshers in bpo?

28 180392

why u left thelast job

3 9736

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