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Aegis Placement Papers Interview Questions
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My Experience: WIPRO interview in June, 2008, Chennai

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Un-Answered Questions

Why does increasing the magnetic flux in the main field of a d.c motor cause the armature current to reduce??


is manual testing enough for 2+ yrs,does it need any tools


why the carbon brushes are broken in srim while the motor runningtime


how to calculate knee point voltage for pt?


what is your ticketing tool? can we give some details about how we are getting tickets


How Advances to suppliers for purchase of raw materials is to be considered while calculating Drawing Power


os is developed in c no java is more secured then c na why dont the os developed is developed using java


What is DECR And for wt it is used?


Difference between different strategy groups.


Types of LockEdits in DAO? 51 .Types of Recordsets.


What is scope hierarchy?


How does access sequence determine which table is most specific and which is in the access sequence we put tables then how it determines most specific and least specific


Hi ,All What is the multi-threading and max connections for rfc. Actually i am facing problem while send large amount of idocs to external system using middle ware tibco r3 adapter. And how to enable these in SAP ?


how to calculate Rate of analysis for 100 m3 Any ratio of concrete ? including labour


Hai, iam renjith. my qtn about the calorex heat and cool pump. What is the reason of the above machine is trip on high pressure. r134a gas using in this system. 8 months old. model is calorex propac 90(3 phase). This system has 2 compressor. Both are starting on 13amps after that rise up to around 21 within 1 minute. After will be trip on high pressure. Showing 68 psi in suction side on standby mode. Can i have a solution without delay? Renjith


Aegis Placement Papers Interview Questions
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