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Aegis Placement Papers Interview Questions
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My Experience: WIPRO interview in June, 2008, Chennai

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Un-Answered Questions

What would a rise in remote queue length generally indicate?


The advantages of Magnetic flux leakage technique over Ultrasonic technique for non distructive testing of material.


What are some of the challenges you see that are facing this industry?


can any one tell me what kind of qns are asked in gail entrance test. i m apearing for the exam of accounts & finance. please let me know the ans on my id


what are the payroll procedures?


can any one give me a senario for generic data source extraction? why u go for infosets and multiproviders ? give me a senario for each? what is time stamp, calday, numpt? what is safty intervels, y we set lower lt and upper lt?


What are the join problems comes appart from loop,chasm & fan Traps


why 1.7Uo for HV cable Hi pot test?IE standard why?


How to get a list of CDROM drives on a computer?


Hello testers I am an Bsc Hotel mgmt Degree holders but now am doin my software testin programme, side by MCA Master degree an have 6 months exp i testing in company.. i want to change my CV according IT based. so can anyone help me with sendin any sample CV of urs.. do me this favour it wil be very helpful for me prepare CV for interviews....


what are open source RFID middleware?


In dc ckt. 24v or 110v, which one is more efficient and why?


what is the vital subject for scoring bhel exam&what is the question pattern


What are the morphological & anatomical differences between poisonous & non poisonous snakes?


How can a Business firm achive growth Internally and Externally?


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