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Aegis Interview Questions
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What are your biggest weaknesses?

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what is Compiler?

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What do you find good in your present company.

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why did you leave your current organization?

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Tell me 2 minutes about traffic hyderabad ?

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What did you do yesterday.

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Wht quality you need in call centre?

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what is bpo

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how did spent your yesterday?

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can you sell some thing to me?

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wata is all about qm intigration


Tell me something about your hometown.

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What do you mean by quality analyst in call centres ?

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hi im raghu recently i went to aegis mnc there they asked what is ur past work experience bcoz i worked as a marketing executive in icici bank santioning personal loans. plz tell me how to explain this question.

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why should we hire you

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Un-Answered Questions

How the smart identification is used in real time?Please explain with an example


When you should use Hbase?


what is the difference between the voltage of 5 volts capacitor and and 5volts battery?


Why is triploblast more advanced than diploblast?


How to Switch between different data sources?


your company by machinary for Rs 3000000/-, what will be the maximum term lean avaible form bank?


To find the date difference & excude saturday & sunday in between them


How will you react when, while consulting a SAS documentation manual to get an answer to a problem, someone says hey, I thought you were supposed to know all that stuff already, and not have to look it up in a book?


What is the SEZ formalties in cement Industry?


What is the use of a program in SEO related information?


hi, waht is line item settlement,investment measure,manage historically helps in OAOA?


hi, kindly send WWF(.net 3.5) pdf notes to my id. thanx in advance, chays


i have one file i saved in csv how can i take these file into framework manager


GET-2013 exam is going to be held on which day(tentatively).


Can anybody told me how to create a test case for voice memo and Photo tagging option


Aegis Interview Questions
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