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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What's the part of OTCC in transformer?

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what is the iron loss in a 11KV/440V transformer?

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hi engineers,if suppose distribution is going to two diff village mistakenly they r interchange the neutral of twowhat happen?

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plz send me Bhel, Mahagenco, sbi previous exam paper for electrical engineer on my email-id


Why indicated only R.Y.B to phase.

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What is the technical name of Transformer Oil ?

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how to calculate the cable size for LT and HT power cables with detail explanation?

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What happen if field ckt is open when a sailent pole alternator connected to infinite bus

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1.what is bus cuplour and main funtions. 2.what is main function of alternator. many types of dg oils.

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what is recovery voltage & transient voltage ?

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Why the transmission lines are in 11kV, 22kV, 33kv, and why not 10kV,20kV, 30kV?

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what is difference between sub-station and switch yard.

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what is back emf?

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100V supply is appllied between 500K Resistance bulb. for 1 kwh energy, how long time the bulb will glow? explain the calculating method.

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Bhel supervision exam question: If 2 generators are working in a network. And if suddenly the field of anyone generator weakens. What will happen in the network? 1. The generator will run as motor 2. The generator will run as motor in reverse direction 3. The generator will take lighter load 4. The generator will take more load

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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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