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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the speed of electricity?

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what is unit of inductance

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work of choke in florocent tube circuit ?


Why we called L-G fault as line to ground fault why ground? suppose if a line falls on building roof then can we called these fault as line to roof fault? please explain why ground term is used here?

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If short circuit ratio is high is it bad or good for a machine then tell the reason...


Is phenomenon of resonance is harmfull fr the machine? if not or if yes please explain it?


If symmetrical fault occurs at the terminal of a synchronous motor then how the motor will act...explain it..


Why we use modulus with voltage in stability equation that is P=[E][V]SIN@/X WHY VOLTAGE IS IN MODE VALUE WHAT IS THE REASON?

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what do you mean by type zero control sytem ?Give an practical example of type zero contol sytem?


Write a note on materials used as a fuse element.


What is the difference between earthing,ground&nutral?

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How we calculate the current carrying capacity of H.T. cabel?


why can't we increase the voltage by increasing the field voltage in order to get higher that we can eliminate step up transformer

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in which base we defined the conductor is Dog type, Squirrel type, rabbit type, wolf type etc used in transmission line?

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what is difference b/w squirrel cage rotor and wound rotor

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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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