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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how much current capacity of 300 sq. mm cable (4 core aluminium) and 150 sq. mm cable ( 4 core aluminium)

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Why transformer rating is represent in KVA?

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what precautions to be taken while desigining a LT,HT panel. Eg-LT panel PCC panel with ACB installed. HT panel VCB panel with VCB installed. & what is main diffrence betwn IP54 & IP55 construction of panel.


Why 36 KV LA is used in 33 KV Line and 9 KV LA is Used in 11 KV Line

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Why generator is not connecting in delta ..why connecting in star ?

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What is function of Diesel Generator?

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What is the value of system voltage?

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11KV electrical line going through the forest in cloudy night ,how can we find the direction of line.

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What is the difference between MCCB,ELCB,RCB & MCB

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what will happen if i will done heart shape hole in transformer core?

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sir i completed apprentice in TNEB.apprentice is eligible for 'c' licence


on which power factor synchronous motor run

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the parts of transformers ?

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what is the IPC ? & what the uses ?


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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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