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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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cable selection formulas for electrical load.

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please anybody help me to find out the BHEL trainee Exam previous year questions papers . if u ve pls. send it to


model question paper for supervisor trainee


power factor is max for which welding a.arc b.resistance c.gas

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what is the difference between earthed cables and unearthed cables

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how to synchronize 4 nos. of diesel generator sets of different capacity (kva)?

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can anyone show me how the 3 phase power is supplied to socket outlets?


what is tertiary winding in transformer?What is its purpose?

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why induction motors are of lagging type and not leading type

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How to calculate the input cable rating for 10kva ups (3phase input and single phase output and also 3phase output, battery rating 65Ah)provide the formula also.thnx


what are the types of starter ?

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current transformer cannot measure voltage or not ? then y we use P.T ?

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can i able to get bhel previous exam question paper?


what is self capacitance of inductor


transformer spections :: input voltage 0-110-230v; output volage 0-10-12-14v; amp=3A using CRNO CORE, capcaity=50VA primary turns = ? ; secondry turns =?


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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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