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Bhel Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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A tractor with 4 cylinder engine give 90 HP and a car with 2 cylinder engine give 120 hp EXPLAIN

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how many maximum enter 2mm Dia solid cylindrical pipe into 8mm Dia hollow cylindrical pipe. give answer with calculation.


Why earthing is required for electric equipment Answers: 1.For human protection,2.For euipment protection,3.both,4.None

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What causes steam turbine governer hunting?

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What causes crankcase explosion?


sir plz tell me what is the basic concept of mechanical maintenance

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Stress produce strain or strain produce stress.....?Explain?

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How do you weld 25 mm thick plate?

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Two cars travell in same direction at 40 km/hr at a regular distance. A car comes in a opposite direction in 60km/hr. It meets each car in a gap of 8 seconds. What is the distance between them?

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What softwares are required for desining the role guage of alterain car?

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A simple problem involing in hoops stress. For sphere: M= [3/2]*p*V*[density of pressure vessel material/Maximum working stress it can tolerate] For Thin walled pressure walls: Hoops stress or stress in the radial direction =p*r/2t ?


Water is available at 10m height. What is the pressure available ?

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Why Diesel Engines are expensive than petrol Engines? Tell the economics of both the engines?

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ball pen is writtingg on paper


Types & function of Boiler ?

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Bhel Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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