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Bhel Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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Internal energy of a substance depends on

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Work done in compressing 1kg of gas adiabatically from p1,V1,T1 to p2, V2, T2 is equal to

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If one cylinder of a diesel engine receives more fuel than the others, then for that cylinder the: a) exhaust will be smoky b) piston rings would stick into piston grooves c) exhaust temperature will be high d) engine starts overheating e) all of the above.

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One wink is equal to how many minutes?

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In Automobile Transmission System,The clutch is in b/w Transmission system & ___________

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Gegger is used in foundry for the purpose of____________


Solar Cells stores the Energy In the form of a)Mechanical Energy b)Electric Energy c)Heat Energy

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Escape Velocity of Earth is

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Which instrument is used to measure the Inner diameter,outer dia,Thichness & Depth.

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Corundum mainly Contains__________

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Which Property Shows Resistance to flow?

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Which Surface hardening is preferrable for heating some portion of Component? a)Surface hardening b)Flame Hardening c)Nitriding

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Cam,Connecting Rod,Piston & Cylinders Combinely forms How many links ?

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Refrigeration cycle works on?

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Which Type of Stresses will be acted on Helical Springs?

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Bhel Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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