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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why generaotr rating is in kva and dc motor in kw?

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why there is a humming noise in transformer

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why we use the fuse in only one wire? althrough in ac current the current flows in both directions. why the neutral wire can be taken half the magnitude of phase wire while same current returns from neutral wire?

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Why two nos. un-tensioned wires are placed inside the PSC poles used by powergrid in RGGVY works.

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in thermal power plant the steam produced is made to cool after falling on the turbine blades. my question is why this is done while the same is needed to heat up again. "jab pani ko wapis garam hi karna hai to thanda kyu karte hai"

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How to clear BHEL written test exam.....anyone having experience pls refer me the link were i can get BHEL question papers....

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what is auxilliary transformer??

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what is voltage gradient?

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what use can we make of 3rd harmonic component

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pls tell me about ups internal connection & we have given only 3 phase supply to ups system how get 4 wire (R Y B N )


what is sevice settings for mccb?How can be it setted?


what are the advantages by using IGBT in VSC HVDC than thyristor in conventional HVDC

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Total power capacity of india at present

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why current flow to the opposite direction of flow of electrons???????????


what is the condition for YnD11


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Bhel Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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