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BARC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Difference between MCC and PDB

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What are the classifications of heating element?


Why control of DC motor is simpler?


What is servo motor and what are the applications of servo motor?


What are the role of each components in PID COntroller

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Which one is more accurate servo or stepper motor and why?

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What should be the earth pit resistance value?

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What is the suitable rating of MCB for 1.5 Ton A.C and why? 1Ton= how many amperes?

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nwhat are the main Components of servo motor?


What are the classification of Servo Motor?

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What are the function of different components of servo motor?


Which one is easy to control AC or DC Machine?

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how to calculate the current carrying capacity of a conductor. How it is related to diameter of cable or conductor

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How o select the electrical fuse?.What are its characteristics.How to select the material od fuse?


Why only three phase power generation are load are used

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BARC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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