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BARC Interview Questions
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Hi Friends pls give information regarding BARC written test. am attending by 20-5-2008. mail me to or message to 9962122264

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Hi Friends i need Electronics&Instrumentation Engg question papers for BARC written test by coming 20th May 2008 pls post ur use full info to Or for suggestions pls give one missed call to 9962122264



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when does transistor has power dissipation

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why we use minimum cement as given in IS mix design code

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what is the differance between MC61C and MC61A relay of L &T make.

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Why is a condensor used in a rankine cycle?

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Hi Friends pls give information regarding BARC written test. am attending written exam on 1st September 2009.mail me on .com


which have higher efficiency transformer or induction moter

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Ammeter of 1 ohm resistance measure max 10 ohm to measure higher resistance from it

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why CT output is always raetd 5.regardsof primery curre.

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hi friends,im an instrumentation and contol engg student,can u hlp me of suggsting barc written question paper,my id is, cel no.9563591747


What are the necessary conditions for production of rotating magnetic field.

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what is the purpose of shading ring or shading coil in electrical equipments.


sir i am senthil B.Tech Chemical Engineer which book is refer for objective type questions?

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Un-Answered Questions

Can you pls tell me how to calculate the amphere rating of cable in case of three phase supply but all load is single phase


In how we connect watt meter for open & short circuit test of a single phase transformer.


QTP related question= What is input action parameters and what is output action parameters ?


Dear all i am kumaravel. now in chennai. my work is control and relay panel auto cad designing.up to 11kv to 400kv then question is i am improving my knowledge. i want some books name and auther are available for this C&R panel related. plese any one help me


how to calculate the cable current ratingand and how much of distance the rating will be ok will the distance is incresed what the action we take


What we need to discuss with designer before starting the universe designing.


How would you know if the same build you tested is deployed in production? There are chances that developer might deploy some other working build?


What is the complete procedure of erection of electrical panel in industry


Can we do aggregation in sap crm planning cube?


what is the difference between test case and result matrix


A rectangular beam section of 300 mm width and 500 mm effective depth is reinforced with 4 bars of 20 mm diameter, what shear reinforcement is required to resist 200 kN shear (use working stress method)?


what is fact finding methods


what is a corporate chart of accounts and its purpose?


is this the formula of building wiring to get the main breaker.Watts/volts*.8%+higher motor*(25%)=ampere. yes or no or send the correct formula for building wiring.


can we do manual tds return file or r-tds is complusry? if we can do manual tds return file, where i have to go for return file. like we go to income tax department for Income tax return file in manula tds case.


BARC Interview Questions
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