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BARC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how to change the load sharing between two synchronized identical alternators when both are running with Diesel engine? assume both are feeding to same feeder?

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What happen when ct secondary are open circuited? why same thing is not happen in ordinary transformer?

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difference between over current and over load protection?

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explain working of differential protection for a transformer?

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derive DC RMS value for half wave rectifier?


what is droop control?


what do u understand about FACTS? how they are useful?


what is significance of B-H curve? how it differs form ordinary transformers to Amorphous Transformer?

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explain with diagram how to protect transformers and substations from over current with help of CT's?


how oil in the MOCB was reduced compared with OCB? what are the features of the MOCB?


Why carbon brushes are used in motors?

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Why induction motor is widely used in industry


The advantages of Magnetic flux leakage technique over Ultrasonic technique for non distructive testing of material.


What are the probable causes for failure of heating elements

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Meaning of ingrace protection for motor.for ex IPXY


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BARC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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