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BARC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why use only sf6 circuit breker in 400 kv sub station

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how commomn gate triggering is given for TRIAC ? other thyristor wont be efffected?


what is mind in cable


what is the difference between linear choke and suction choke?


Why the frequency of ac in india is 50 hz but in some other countries it is 60 hz.


why CT output is always raetd 5.regardsof primery curre.

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is starting current of induction is high or stating current of ransformor is hign ,for the same rating

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how can u say about the line by looking at the tower ? {voltage rating of the line}

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why the earth terminal in three pin top is longer than rest of the two terminal and of bigger size?

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how to find out speed of single phase motor

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what is different between earthing and grounding for a electrical eqipment ?

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what will happen if u run induction motor beyond its rated speed

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What are the necessary conditions for production of rotating magnetic field.

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what is the purpose of shading ring or shading coil in electrical equipments.


what is quality factor in series resonance circuit and calculate the factor of voltage magnification? how it happens?


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