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BARC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the differance between MC61C and MC61A relay of L &T make.

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What is the operating range of voltage and current in grid supply in India?

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can we produce cosine wave instead of sine wave? will it usefull?

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what could be the RMS value and average value of a 4 phase sine wave?


what is the advantage of NiCd battery over Lead acid battery?

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What is the operating range(tolerance) of voltage and frequency of grid supply in india?

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What is application of isolation transformer & How it works.

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Why transformer is not rotating?

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what is the difference between synchronization and paralleling?

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what is doubling factor in making current of a breaker?


what is inrush curent.

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diff between grounding & earthing

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how earth resistance can be improved in dry soil


which have higher efficiency transformer or induction moter

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Ammeter of 1 ohm resistance measure max 10 ohm to measure higher resistance from it

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