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US Consulate USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions
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i'm a self-sponser, and i wonder what to say if i'm sked about how i would support myself, or how did i be able to support myself?

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why you choosed the richland college of dallas?

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will you come back to india when u will come back to india?

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?

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How can you prove to me that you'll come back home after you finish studies??

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What are your plans after graduation?

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Will you come back to home during the summers??

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How will you finance your education funds for 2 or 3 years ??

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What will you do after coming back to home?

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i had done my MBA and now want to study IELP i got admission for that but my visa had been rejected. what are the chances of getting visa now?


i guradated from high-school in 2004, i applied in a college here, but i didn't continue my study, i succesed only in one semster in college here, i quit this month, and i'm applying for F-1 visa,i'm self-sponsor because my father is retired, what would i say if they ask me what were you doing ll this time? and how could you support yourself? PLZ HELP ME BROTHERS.THANKS


here is some of visa case study for u guys

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i ve already completed my MBA in marketing and financce.. now i'm planning to pursue MBA in international business. so plz suggest answer for "why masters again"

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I had given my interview on 7th december 2007 n i have been rejected?i don knw why?before i had given so many interviews never got so confused?there was one lady consulate she was not lukin as if in a good mood?she asked me abt who told you about this dowling college in new york i told her that one of my friend in us everybody is saying this was wrong? now i again i am trying but really frustrate that again taht lady shouldn't come? will i get visa second time is it possible?

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I mr videsh reddy mandala.I had complete be in b/w july 2001/05.My home town is hyderabad.Actually the thing is I had applied for F1 visa in bombay on nov2006 and I was redirected to chennai.There in chennai I was rejected. Next I had applied in chennai on nov 2006 again I was rejected due to un able to explain about the projects.Now due to no dates in chennai I am applying to delhi 17nth of this month.Willl it be any problem regarding on this.....plz help me....


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US Consulate USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions

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