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i ve already completed my MBA in marketing and financce..
now i'm planning to pursue MBA in international business.
so plz suggest answer for "why masters again"

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i ve already completed my MBA in marketing and financce.. now i'm planning to pursue MBA in in..

Answer / snarmi

The MBA which previously done is of no use as MNCs are
asking for International Degree due to Globalization. So I
would say that MBA with interational degree from USA is
respected rather than indian MBA with lots of experience

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i ve already completed my MBA in marketing and financce.. now i'm planning to pursue MBA in in..

Answer / ds

I Dont know much about MBA, but in Areas of study like
Computer Science, Electronics, Mech etc, you can tell that
you want to do a PhD and you need research(Thesis) to go to
a good college. Fo this reason, you can do Double Masters
in the same area of study. You opted to complete Master fir
the first time and later started liking the course very
much and you are planning to Phd from a good university(Do
some reasearch for the list of Univs which need a thesis to
be done).

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