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why you choosed the richland college of dallas?

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why you choosed the richland college of dallas?..

Answer / dr khusro

never ever ever do wat mr X above wrote..sorry bro.

very sweetly say

after i got the i20s from eg: arlington university ,
richland college , and missouri state university i searched
on the internet and i found the curriculum and modules here
more appealing and vast than the other 2. so i opted for
richland college.

and jus check on the net before going ,wat subjects does
richland college have to offer... remember 1 or 2 easy
names.thats it.

dont u think the visa officer knows that uv never been to
US uv never been to that college then how will u know so
much about it... ofcourse ur talking google infront of him.
so alls fake for him. so just be to the point and short coz
he knows uv byhearted it here show ur sensibility by
answering bout the subjects only and not loads bout the
university.... every other university has libararies
football grounds and each is best in its own on its site.

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why you choosed the richland college of dallas?..

Answer / svit00ef27

now its typicall old question
even intervie officer r tierd of listening same
old boring ans btu we dont have other ans which is
say tht richardson college has strong background in
this field in which ur going , mention soem proffs
name n thier research field project reltaer it
with ur back ground ,u have to do it dude
send some emails to perticular profs n asking more ab
thier project n mention tht u have this kind of
n if they reply u take tht print out
so u can show them as strong proof
n mention common ans like libraries n mention
tht studnt rankin or cut off for tht college which
is competitive so has good positive competetaion
guys dont go on speeling i m nas all unanswerd
question to help u gusy as visa dates r comin

email me if u want ans ab ur perticular ans

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why you choosed the richland college of dallas?..

Answer / marwa

it is a good college

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