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US Consulate USA Visitor Visa B2 Visa Interview Questions
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Which place you will visit in USA?

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why do you want to visit only at this time?

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how much expense do you expect from the trip?

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I have B1/B2 visa. I am needing to go to US soon and will have to take my 5 years old son too. Right now, my son doesn't have any US visa. I wish to know the procedure of getting visa in his case.


Dear Friends, I am 33 years old and working in a technical software industry. I am Workiing in India. I am holding 10 yr B1/B2 Visa valid till 2014. Can someone please share with me " how soon can one visit again on B2 visitor visa"???? and Secondly I am assuming that they will give 3 months initially...then can we extend it? Is yes on what grounds and for how long? Lets Say I plan to come in Nov... then till when can i stay and when i can be back to go back on b2 again? Regards, Mudita

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Hi my name is kishore,today i had B1/B2 interview at which i was not asked for my documents(Sponsorers,my education docs...) by VO at all and i was issued white 221(g).Please tell me the next process i should go on with and need valuable suggestions from anyone.


I have been in china for almost 8yrs. my wife is chinese and we have a son. I am holding F visa multiple. i am attending a conference in tucson. i would like to know my chances on this application.i have been denied at the time that i had no family here. thanks


Hi My husband is in USA for couple of months on B1 visa. We are having our anniversary in this suration and we want to be together. My husband will get allowance of 110$ per day which company is ready to give in writing. My husband just has 2 years of experience so has only 1 year of ITR statement and bank statements do not show heavy cash flow. But the allowance that he wil be getting from the company would be good enough for my stay and the travel. My husband also has property in his name in India whose document xerox i have. What could be the possible Q after seeing these documents? and what should be my answer.


I had applied for the US visitor visa from Calgary,Canada in Jan,2010. But my visa was rejected saying that I did not show them any bond with Canada and they doubted my returning back from US. The reason was as I did not have any property on Canada and no family in Canada as well. But I still have the same condition. I don't know why would they do that even though I am Permanent Resident in Canada. Should I try the visa again and from India my home country. Thankyou Manu


hi.. Am Deepthi and am 23 yrs old.I finished my graduation just 3 months back. I got my admission in a Business school.I have two months break before my school starts. So i want to go to USA with tourist B2 visa and spend these two months with my brother who is working in USA. I already applied for tourist a visa just a week back and i got rejected. So my question is can i try for visa again in a week?.. How can i convince the visa officer that I'll surely come back. Becoz frankly i will surely come back as i should join my school after two months. Am going to show my MBA admission letter as my ties to INDIA. Please advice me about what should i say when they ask me "WHY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO USA?".. Last time they asked me the same question. I said i want to meet my brother who is staying in US and so am going there... but i guess the officer was not convinced with my answer.. So can u please tell me what is a more better answer to this question to convince the visa officer. Please help me..

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I apply visitor visa and two time I face interview in Kuwait, one time in Sri Lanka 3 time,But I am faild the interview,They ask about the ties I everthing is show them who interview me the consulaer please can you explain to me. Thank you


my brother and bhabhi are settleed in usa. my bhabhi is pregnant. i want to go to usa to meet them on tourist visa. what should i say to consulate in embassy.


my husband has B1 visa,he has gone US for 3 months ,i want to visit him for 1 month so applying for B1,B2 visa ,i am woking here and got 1 month leave ,we have his return ticket also ,how much chances is there to get visa


How U stay long at US

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Hi , i'm Mostafa i'm 20 Years old .. and my interview is after 3 days .. i intend to go and spend 3 weeks with friends in New York .. but what should i answer on " Why Are You going to USA ?! "


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US Consulate USA Visitor Visa B2 Visa Interview Questions

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