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US Consulate Interview Questions
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What is auto transformer?

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During H1 B visa interview sometimes they ask for "project description letter". I guess our boss should give this. But my boss asked me to draft the letter myself and he would sign it for me. Can anyone please tell me what needs to be in there. I guess a lot of details regarding project, could anyone tell me how long and what details need to be there. My interview is on the 11th of april 2008. If any one could provide a sample that would be really great. I would like to have some template kind of thing.

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What you made decide in following IT course?


i married in usa with usa parmanent residing womanlast year in march 2009.marriage ceremony held in pakistan wife first except islam and then i marry with her.then he return back to usa after a my wife submit petition1-130 alien relative in usa. i need questions for interview


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US Consulate Interview Questions

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