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I had given my interview on 7th december 2007 n i have been
rejected?i don knw why?before i had given so many interviews
never got so confused?there was one lady consulate she was
not lukin as if in a good mood?she asked me abt who told you
about this dowling college in new york i told her that one
of my friend in us everybody is saying this was wrong?
now i again i am trying but really frustrate that again taht
lady shouldn't come?
will i get visa second time is it possible?

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I had given my interview on 7th december 2007 n i have been rejected?i don knw why?before i had giv..

Answer / rudra

Hi, visa officer will not take your interview who has
already taken once she will redirect you to other officer,
so probs abt that lady. But try to be more clear abt ur
col/univ, explain them abt y u hve choosen that particular
one above the others. Better luck next time

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I had given my interview on 7th december 2007 n i have been rejected?i don knw why?before i had giv..

Answer / dev

frist u tel about your university advantages then carrears

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