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US Consulate USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions
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Brief me on your assets?

3 11430

Why did you choose US ?

22 59466

why this university?

5 14659

wat u r doing all these time(for one year)

1 6166

y u r having backlogs

7 13875

wat u r doing all these time(for one year)

6 9814

Why do you want to study MS in computer science in USA

19 65275

Why did u choose this University

13 77213

wednesday i have a interview in u.s empassyy this is my 2nd interview, plerase tell how to i explain come back my country please e-mail me

2 4121

Did you get scholorship? If not why?

6 11136

what do u know about us education?

2 4763

my brother went for his visa interview, he had backlogs in his B.E , but he cleared all . the consular asked how many backlogs he has , my brother said the no of backlogs he had. my brother tried to explain about that, but visa officer didn't listen. he plans to take interview again. if the consular asks about backlogs, what he is supposed to answer? can he take visa interview again ? general visa appointment dates are not available. emergency appointments only available. can someone tell how to get appointment date?

6 24677

I have got my visa rejected for fake documents. In a sense, the money was removed from the account by the consultancy people whom I approached for visa on the interview day. Is there any possibility of getting visa now ? How should I defend myself if visa officer says mine r fake documents again ?

11 48544

I got admission for MBA without GRE or SAT or it necessaary to have one..

2 7698

what did u know about that university

2 3545

Post New US Consulate USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions

US Consulate USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions

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