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what will u do if i reject ur visa?

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / pranav

its normal question which will be faced by many student
so dont panic when u hear this question from interview
maintain ur body laungage which was before the question
n dont be nervous or xcited after tht question
u shd say based on xpreince or study that as per my
achivement i deserve the us visa but incase if luck
dont favour for me , i wont be disappointed and apply for
next time and tell what u will do in that gap like will
give some xam whcih is higher level which will help to
gain my confidence n knowledge so i can catch up my
time which might be wasted if i dont get visa
ans this kind of question with noraml xpression
if any1 wants more perticular ans basned on their profile
do let me knwo ab u
thanx and let me know if u dont agree with u

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / pradeep

its my long wish to study in US but still i respect the
decision of embassy and then i'll try for my next
apllication and prepare neccessary documents required for
my second chance

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / bin laden

I will become a terrorist and kill you.

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / rahul

First of all i feel slightly disappointed but would like to
know why i have been rejected so that i can work on that
and it will help me out in the future.

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / don pedro

I think it's your choice.. But tell me what to do if want to get it

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / essa

well, i will feel unhappy for being denied the opportunity
to fufill my dream of getting high education and successful
businessman in the future.

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / sonya

i will curse you till u get a cold death wit lots of pox on your face and cramp on your bodies even in your next generation u will hav a taste of how u died before................ so suckers plez be care ful,

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / aamir

my aim is that i am very much interested in doing my masters degree and if i dont get the visa this time i will probably spend this money in any other country like uk or australia.

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / jagadeesh

if you're going to reject my visa, you'll not ask this
question .....

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what will u do if i reject ur visa?..

Answer / simren

i won't mind and i'll apply for next time
we should be very normal

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Three years back my friend's brother had attended visa interview. Eventhough his all documents were perfect than they wat to be, VO didnt gave visa to him. He told that VOs just reject visa to get more money for visa office as it costs more than 100$ each time to register for interview. Again he applied with the same documents but he got it true....they just reject visa for the purpose he told........pls give me a genuine answer.....

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