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US Consulate H1B Visa Interview Questions
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Why you want to return back?

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When are you planning go to the US?

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Is it an Indian company you currently work for?


Do you have any company photographs?

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How many rounds of interviews has the USA company conducted? what are they?


Hi, I am going to attend the H1B visa interview for US during the first week of september. I am a software programmer working on I would like to know if the consulate people will ask some technical questions. What all other things should i remember.

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I want to apply for a H1B visa . I want to know the format of the cover letter to be attched? also want to know if the resume has to be written by professionals or can be written ourself?


Which question create by consular in cosulate. and how prepare the question's answer.Give me some more hint.


Hi All , I would like to share my(Me) and my wife(W) H1B Interview. Interview Date: 28th Aug 2007 Place: Mumbai It went like this.

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how to prepare for u.s interview


During H1 B visa interview sometimes they ask for "project description letter". I guess our boss should give this. But my boss asked me to draft the letter myself and he would sign it for me. Can anyone please tell me what needs to be in there. I guess a lot of details regarding project, could anyone tell me how long and what details need to be there. My interview is on the 11th of april 2008. If any one could provide a sample that would be really great. I would like to have some template kind of thing.

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Hi All, I have attended for H1 yesterday. Interviewer was not happy with the project desc and asked for more documents mostly abt company profile and complete desc.she asked me to drop them in the drop box.but she said not to drop the passport. can anyone let me know what happens next. shall i consider it as lost as she didnt asked for passport? or after checking the documents will i be asked to appear again if she is ok with the docs? or how is it gonna be? Any one please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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hai i am suthahar my h1b interview date is(oct16-2008) ,i am a software enginner from coimbatore, i have complted MCA My current company experience 1.8 years I have completed BSC(2001-2004) my college time is 6-1(BSC) Remaing(2-10) i had worked as technical support enginner from csc computer center( 3 years ) ,pudukkottai I had fill application for currenct company experience ==>1.8 years previes company experience ==>3 years how to explain about my experience? and this is part time or full time (I haveoffer leter and experience leter,photos also)


ur husband is in different country then why u want to go to america


ur rejected for student visa. what is the reason?


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US Consulate H1B Visa Interview Questions

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