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US Consulate Business Administration Interview Questions
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i had been rejected once..,now if i remove my money which i have borrowed and the passs book entry and balance certificate of the previous one, would it do for the next interview or i have to make again new statements for just 10 days??


what do u know about USA?

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what do you know about US culture?


I have done B.Sc. in Biotechnology and I've applied for MBA in Health Care Management, How can I relate biotechnology to Health care management?


HI friends Iam ASHISH ADHIKARI from Nepal,Kathmandu.My interview date is in 29November at 9am.this question is asked to my friend on 24november interview date....he is lucky and he get VISA..Now its my turn.what to do??? 1-Which University do you apply too? 2-Which one accept you? 3-Tell me about your university? 4-How long will You stay in USA? 5-Why did you apply to this university? 6-These subject can also be found in your college why you have entire to go to USA? 7-Who is sponsoring you? 8-What is your university expenses? 9-Your bank statement shows that you have just put money in the bank?how can we say that it is your money?u can also have lend it? 10-Why did you choose USA but not Canada or Germany?


hello sir! i am jot n i have applied for student visa which was rejected in july and officer didnt gave my any reason for that.he only asked me that i m applying first time? n second thing he asked m that which university?i told him both the answer but suddenly he said m sorry and didnt gave any reason now i have applied for second time and my interview is in few days..can you please tell m how should i coveince the officer n please tell m if he ask m why i have choosen this university only as there are many other?? should i tell him features or good points of the university??


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US Consulate Business Administration Interview Questions

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