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What are your plans after graduation?

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / guest

After graduation I intend to use my newly acquired
competences to stimulate economic grow in my home country

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / sudhir

i being part of the fast moving electronic era, after
graduation, would like to contribute by gaining experience
related to my field in the home land, in order to develop
home land with my knowledge.

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / trush

After complete my MBA i would return to india and join
indian industry for my future career

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / sophie

after graduation in engineering i would like to return to
my country and family and work in a good business there to
get money

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / patel neelam

after completin my graduation i would like to do master in
bussiness administration n will do job experience with that.

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / saloni garhwal

after my graduation i'll do my diploma course in animation
and also i'll do job.

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / meriem

After graduation,I will first of all take some rest to get
refreshed then I'll do my Master to have more opportunities
of finding a good job.

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / aidin

I think what's really important is to continue your plans
dont let others effect on your vision,I'll do my master to
discover a new area of my field(mechanical engineering)!

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / keshav

if I complete my study from united state than I will return back to my home country and handle my family buisness in a new ways.

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What are your plans after graduation?..

Answer / chiru

after complting gradution, i can try to stimulate the
quality assurance values in indian pharmacuiticals.

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hi i had many back logs n my engineering is now for 6years can i still apply for visa interview round?

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hi everybody iam basha i got admition for fall 2010 umaine univy i wan know what r the recent interview question asking at embassy 2010jun as i hav interviwe date in jun 25th at hyd plz suggest me the question asked by VO thnk u

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Hi, I just have a question regarding my PhD admission with North Dakota State University without assistantship. I have already completed my Masters from NDSU and was working in the US for a couple of years, I however returned to India last year. I was in touch with my guide concerning pursuing my PhD at NDSU. I have now been offered admission at NDSU for the PhD program for Fall 2010, and I have also finalized my research area (extension of Master's research area), however I have not been given an official assistantship / aid letter from my department. My department is however saying that I will be definitely offered assistantship if I land up at NDSU in Fall. My concern is now about the Visa interview in which I will have to show personal liquid funds for 5 years of doctoral study. Can you please suggest a way by which I wont be asked to show 5 years of funding..since I have unofficially got the assurance of aid/tuition waiver. Please let me know.

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Hello all, I have been approved for Ph.D with full funding and I have a minor with me.So, should I file his application for F2 (that is dependent Visa) with my F1 application or fill it later once I got approved for F1 and then go with drop box option? I need your advise on this. your response is highly appreciated.

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My qualification is MCA and Im applied for MS in Us I got I-20 from University of Bridgeport? Iam having doubt if visa officer asks me you are already masters,then wht is the need to go for masters? can any body help me? My visa interview date is 14 july 2010.

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Hi, This is Rashmi. I have got admission in University of Northern Virginia, US for MBA course but I have not given GMAt or TOEFl exam. Will that count against me during visa interview?

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I applied for spring and my visa appointment date is on 10th jan 2011,but the problem is my joining date is on 6th jan and i got permission from the university for only could i convice vo regarding this plzz help me out....

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hi my major is ECE in BE And i had 2 yrs exp in electronics .now i am going to Computer science in Masters .......what are the answers should i say to Visa Officer...thanks in advance for ur suggestions

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what shall i answer if VO ask me that why this course and why u have change ur pharmacy field and want to do master in ESHM ,,,as i have done my Bachelors in pharmacy with good grades and now i want to pursue career in environmental section, so i have also received I-20 from the university as my program is M.S. in environmental safety and health management, i found there is a wide scope in this field.

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My interview is few days away and am applying for a us student visa. I have completed my high school in 2005 and after that did a one year course of computer till 2006 and after that was helping my parents with there business till 2007 June. I then completed my swift course in NIIT which was a four months course and in midway appeared for the TOEFL exams. If the person asks what was I doing during the free time, please help me out it is the matter of my career. Thanks!

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what would you do if i said that you are not qualitied for get the us visa?

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hii dear boys and girls. i have done an eng diploma from punjab,india. i wanna take admission in california, usa. so pls give me sugestions about colleges in fremont,california,usa.

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