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here is some of visa case study for u guys

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here is some of visa case study for u guys..

Answer / svit00ef27

Hi friends this is my feedback about my visa interview on
16th NOV.

First my scene: I had my petition filed by my uncle from US
and he was also my co-sponsor.
Gre: 1080 Toefl: 243

It lasted for about 2-3 min

I am starting directly from my first words with the
interviewing officer on window 11…..a 27-28yrs old Cute
MAM….she was very cool and calm.

ME: Good Morning Mam…!!!
VO: Good Morning ….How r u?

ME: I m gr8… r u?
VO: I m Fine.

Here I was still holding my back with my left hand so she
just told
VO: Leave that file aside gentleman, I m not going to check
any of your documents.

(I was really very much relieved at this moment as it was
on me now to impress her with my answers and which I had
prepared confidently with help of Dharmesh Sir and Natu
Sir………….Mock really helps a lot…)

VO: So where r u heading for???
ME: To pursue Master’s in EE having Wireless N/wing as my
area of specialization at SJSU, CA.

VO: SO Wireless means stuff related to Cell phones and all??
ME: Yes mam related to Cell phones, Mobile phones,
Satellite links, routers and other stuff.

VO: Ok that’s good.

VO: Why SJSU???
ME: (I had my answer prepared and I started saying points
from that)
Since past 6yrs SJSU is ranked among top 10 Master’s Level
Public Uni by Us News & World Reports survey of America’s
Best Colleges.
VO: Is that so? R u sure?
ME: Yes Mam absolutely, U can check it out on the website.
VO: Ok …Ok … I believe U ….continue...

ME: Further, 87% faculties hold Doctorates or the highest
degree in their academic disciplines.

Associate Professor Morelos-Zaragoza, Robert H. are
conducting research/scholarly activities in wireless
communication… which is my area of specialization.

(Here I had a pinch in my throat so I just paused and said
excuse me….she thought I had made some speech which I was
telling her so she asked me like that.)
VO: Have you made some speech or something which you are
telling me??
ME: (Confidently) No Mam, these are the points which you
will find on the department page. You can check it out…
VO: Ok… I believe you…

VO: So why only SJSU??? Which other uni’s did you apply???
ME: As I said above it is 1 of the best uni’s and I have
applied to total 4 four uni’s…

VO: Which 1’s???
ME: SJSU, NJIT, POLY, IIT Chicago…………. (Spell out in full
if u r asked this 1)

VO: So what was your Undergraduate major???
ME: Electronics and telecommunication.

VO: When did u complete???
ME: July 2006

VO: Recently so you don’t have any work experience???
ME: Mam I don’t have practical experience but I am gaining
technical experience through CISCO certified CCNA course…
(She was looking at the highlights parts so I just added)
which I have mentioned in the highlights…mam.

VO: SO how will this CISCO help you there???
ME: Mam this is a basic course related to wire line N/wing
so it can be easy for me to understand the concepts of
wireless N/wing.
VO: That’s good…

VO: So what after Master’s???
ME: (the most common answer…) after pursuing my master’s
with good grades I will come back to India gain 4-5yrs
practical experience in field in a company like Hutch,
Wipro, and Bsnl to name the few and open my own networking

(There was a person standing besides her… … she told her
that I can grant him the VISA but lets check his finance…)

VO: Ok so your fees are total ABC$ so how are you going to
manage it???
ME: Mam I have total liquid assets worth XYZ lacs and so it
will be easily managed…and more over my family annual
income is PQR lacs...

VO: SO what do your parents do???
ME: My father is a senior officer in ---bank and my mother
is --- by profession.
VO: Any other sponsors???
ME: I have my Uncle who is a Certified Financial Planner as
my supporting sponsor.
(I was lucky enough she didn’t ask me where he was working
……if she would have I would have to clear a lot more

VO: Why is your uncle
VO: Why is your uncle sponsoring you? Doesn’t he have any
ME: No, Mam he is single and due to family tie ups and
social relationship he is sponsoring me…

And then the Golden words…….

(She gave me the I-20 back and…)
VO: I am granting you the VISA and your passport will reach
you in 2 working days.
ME: Thank You MAM and just moved out quickly.

I: Good morning Mam.
VO: Good morning So gentleman u r going to California state
for studying what?
I: To pursue my MS in Comp. Science
VO: R u working somewhere?
I: Yes, I am gaining practical exp at BIS as Jr. software
VO: Explain current technology u r working and current
I: I am presently working in V.B.6.0.Current Project name
is Food court management System.
VO: What is Food court?
I: Restaurant ( continued ans)
I: It’s a desktop based system……………
VO: Ok
VO: Do u have any brother or sister?
I: Yes one brother he is studying in std. 9 and he still
have to complete his high school graduation.
VO: what’s u r father?
I: He is a successful Industrialist having his Garment
Manufacturing Unit since last 25 years.
VO: So he is a garment manufacturer? In which product
mainly he deals.
I: he is a manufacturer of Kids garments especially for
girls under 11 years.
VO: Is it an export unit or domestic?
I: Domestic (In guj and in Kerala)
VO :What is his Salary?
I: he is the owner of the firm. Our total family income is
more than Y.Y lacks and of which my parents combinedly
contribute Y.Y lacks.
VO: X.X lacs is nearer to X thousand dollars,Right?
VO: but u r expenditure written in I-20 is almost double
than u r yearly family income. Then How will u r father
manage u r studies?
I: Mam we have total 78 lacs of liquid assets.
VO:Ya, but how is that possible if u r income is so low?
Tell me u have to convince me about it.
I: Yes mam I am ready to convince you.
See mam, My father and his two brothers live together and
have same business.Total 8 members in my family r I.T.
Payers.So if u will accumulate income of all of them then
it will be more than YY lacks.
VO: Convinced.
VO: What about your other brothers and sisters? Do u have
any cousin sister?
I: two cousin sisters both married and settled in Gujarat.
All Brothers have joined family business.
VO: any one in US?
I: No mam No one in US.(I smiled then after)
VO: U r laughing so u r lieing.
I: no mam Why should
I: no mam Why should I lie against u?I am Darji a tailor so
no relatives in US.
VO: what?
I: My surname is Darji, it’s meaning is Tailor in English.
VO: Oh I ss U told me a new word. TailorDarji. I knew a new
word from u.Thanks for that.
VO: any foreign funds?
I: no mam no relatives no funds from abroad.
VO: ur university must have given u funds?
I: no mam I have not received any funds (Scholarship) yet.
VO:U told that u all live in the same home, how is this
home is it a n apartment or a big house?
I: It is a two story building.
VO: Who owns this building?
I: My father.
VO: See gentle man I am confused. But I am not a better
Judge so I think I have to assign u the Visa.

Only remember one thing...Stand middel of the que ,not at
the first not at the last

There was a young ledy at window she just told me with
great smile.... hey...Amit... Please come in side.

Me: Good after.. Mem(Around 3:30 )

VO: Good after... How was the day?
Me: Fine.

VO: So Why u want to go to USA
Me: Typical Goodwind answer...ha ha ha.....

VO: What's your undergraduatee major?
Me: Information And Tecnology...

VO: How much percentage u have got in bechlor...
Me: 62.5

VO: is it Second class?
Me: No,it's First class..

VO: hey ... That's Good... Well,your favourite cource in BE
ME:- Algorithem analysis annd programing methedology And

VO:Please Explain me about Criptography
ME:- (I have one year of experince in web commerce so i
gave more technical answer and i think this answer is most

Vo: ok... Ok ... How can u manage your Expens...
Me: Can i saw u my financial summary?

Vo:No,Please Speak orraly....(means no need to open the
financial sum...)
Me:Well mem My famely have total liqid assets of 57 laks..
and my total fees around 30 lakhs including living expanses
and medical insurence...Still my famely have 26laks with
them...Moreever my father is bank officer since last 30
years so my father will get graduty around 25 lakhs....

VO: ok....Amit Cong... I granted u Visa.....
Me: Thank u very much mem.....have a great day ahead?

VO: u to..... Please take your I-20
ME: Thank u.....

All boys keep wrist watch and belt out side... Keep woden
token with u, Consentrate on Announcement... Be cool....

this is scheme for indian student

Hdfc fee rec..+ Interview latter + I - 20 + 0.5 gram of
confidence u will get the visa....Nothing else... I had not
open the folder...

my id is for further question

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here is some of visa case study for u guys..

Answer / well wisher

hi , thankyou so much for compiling sure gives a
very good insight into the interview.Good Job!

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