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Syntel Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is endurance testing?

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Suppose u found a bug which a developer could not reproduce and it is reproducing on your pc whenever tried , then in this siyuation what will be the status of the bug, and what u r going to do for that bug.

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what is difference between equivalence partition and boundarary value ananlysis?

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what is equivalence partition? what is the use of it?

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what is boudarary value analysis? what is the use of it?

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can any one please give bug reporting format of bugzilla ?

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how can u give suggestion to use automation tool to ur orgaganistion

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what is tracebility matrix?

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how 2 find out nth salary.plz write sql qurires

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wt is the diff. bet. verification and validation If possible explain with one example.

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Hi, can only tel me correctly, Who will prepare Traceability Matrix ? reply soonn frnds plsss

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what is differance between smoke testing and sanity testing?

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please tell me about fish model which is used in sdlc model ,and also tell me about the founder of fish model and diagram of fish model and other things in details

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What is the difference between SRS, BRD and FRD? Please explain in detail.

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Pls give proper Seq. to following testing Types Regression,Retesting,Funtional,Sanity and Performance Testing.

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Syntel Manual Testing Interview Questions

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