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Syntel Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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why do u think u can be selected in the job?

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what is the difference between debenture and shares

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what is debentures

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pls explain the clear difference between Depreciation and Demortization?

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diff b/w debenture and bond?

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what is basic accounts rule?

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what are the three basic acounting principles.what is account reconcilliation.what is portfolio management

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What is Share?

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What is the full form of Dr. and Cr. ?

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What is the Entry for Call in arrears?

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Any Two difference Between Debenture and bonds?

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Any two difference of Trading and Profit and loss A/c

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What is the difference between "Primary Market" and "Secondary Market"?

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Can you give three examples/names of Public and Private Ltd companies?

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why we use the term profit and loss account instead of profit or loss account

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Syntel Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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