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Syntel Data Stage Interview Questions
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how can we create a Sorrogate key in transformer stage? I want it in parallel mode

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How to remove duplicates in transformer stage? in parallel mode

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1.How to read multiple file from sequential stage. 2.If a file doesn't arrive or doesn't exists in sequential stage how do u handle this. 3.What do you do before taking data from source to staging area. 4. I have a remove duplicate stage and transformer stage.what will u do for optimizeing the performance of the job.

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how to remove duplicates in transformer stage by using stage variables?one example?

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how many rows sorted in sort stage by default in server jobs


Hi,can any one please mention list of dimension and fact tables for Sales and Distribution System for a Pharmacutical company.


what are the errors,warnings in datastage


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Syntel Data Stage Interview Questions

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