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Syntel Interview Questions
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how to capture tool tip in QTP and which check point is needed

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I want to check in the data table(Globalsheet) column exist or not through script .If column not exist only proceeded to next step Pls tell me how to proceeded?

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what is descriptiveprograming? how to do object identification thrugh Descriptive and is possible smart identification or not

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hi in QTP 8.2 in the edit box has text like "raju want married" . i want to check "want" is their in the text or not ?

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what is the difference between invoke application and

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how can u give suggestion to use automation tool to ur orgaganistion

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What is the Linkage section? What is the Use and Why the parm length use alway "PARM-LENGTH PIC S9(4) or PIC S9 (4) COMP." any reason?.Please let me know any one... Cheers,Prasad

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i had specified the access specifier for abstarct class member like (pure virtual function) as private.But it can be accessed by the derived class.How the private member of one class is accessed by other class.if any body face this problem and found the solution plz reply to me.

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please tell me about fish model which is used in sdlc model ,and also tell me about the founder of fish model and diagram of fish model and other things in details

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without session Id can we do any operations like add,update,edit,delete. I saw Session id is loaded for edit and delete action not for add .so am asking this

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Explain Restart Logic in Cobol?

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Advantages of c# over

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what is encapulation?

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what is jvm in java

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Syntel Interview Questions

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